This one is written for anyone who is struggling as a result of the impending Lockdown Number Two or for anyone who has lost a loved one during the pandemic. It is written with my mum in mind…she had such a big heart for everyone.

A Final Word.

She’s been sat with me on the sofa lately

Silent screams at the telly

How can there be so much good going on

Yet such bad…it’s so very scary.

She lived by her social conscience,

Hated inequality and division…

Waifs, strays, underdogs supported

In her fight against all types of ‘ism!

We’re encouraged to acts of kindness

And such heart-warming stuff’s going on

The rickshaw challenge and Countryfile ramble

Folk, with causes, who’ve taken the baton.

But then there’s the US election…

Trump’s narcissism leaves me speechless.

He’s the ultimate display of division…

Builds walls when the world’s needing bridges.

Terrorist strikes in Nice and Vienna,

Refugees drowned in the Channel;

Thousands unable to feed their kids…

A socio-economic scandal.

So if there’s any truth in an after-life

I wonder what mum’s up to now…

I hope that she’s in a much better place,

Her dreams come true somehow…

A world where no-one locks their doors

No illness, ageing or death.

No struggles for power, survival or ego;

But love, brotherhood and kindness.

Champagne served with breakfast,

Swims in warm, plastic-free sea;

Walks on pollution-free mountains,

Then dinner with Sean Connery!

Karen Robinson. 3rd November ’20.