Day 46… Occupation, Evacuation, Liberation, Pandemic.

The grand celebrations that were planned for today, here in Guernsey, have obviously been thwarted. The stories that we are told of the Evacuation and Occupation of The Channel Islands are both shocking and fascinating.

Occupation, Evacuation, Liberation, Pandemic.

Seventy five years ago today

The Germans were finally sent on their way.

At last the hated Swastica was ripped down

And the Union Jack flew once again over town.

Thousands had been evacuated for the war

Leaving with a small bag and not a lot more.

New, different lives suddenly thrust upon them,

Not knowing if they’d return to their families and when.

Those who stayed during Occupation

Put up with so much, their freedom taken;

Hunger, deportation and constant threat

The only news on illegal flyers and crystal sets.

To imagine what the war years were like is hard,

With respect we salute the lives that were marred;

The Liberation of Guernsey on the ninth of May

Remains a day to rejoice in every way.

Now it’s…

A different day, a different invader;

Guernsey in Lockdown, Covid-evader.

Looking forward with hope for a new ‘Liberation’;

When we can all hug and have a huge celebration.

Karen Robinson. 9th May ’20.